Sunday, December 26, 2010

I was going to post about something far more exciting but....

I hope you all had a grand, grand day after Christmas. Don't you always feel a bit sorry for days immediately following big events? The 26th must constantly feel inadequate.

My day before the 26th was lovely, of course. Other than the mysterious disappearance of our White Christmas VHS. I need Bing Crosby to have a completely happy holiday.

I also discovered something this year that I've never really thought about before: we are extremely apologetic gifters in our family. Just when the paper has started to be torn and before the whole item is visible:

"Now, I looked for it in black but..."

"I kept the receipt, so if you don't like it..."

"I was going to get that other item you asked for, but the store I was at..."

"I don't know if you'll use this but..."

Yup, that's us. All of us. It may be a problem. Is it a problem?

Christmas eve candlelight dinner.

The stockings were propped up on the couch with care.

He had no idea what it could be.

Christmas dinner. With the traditional mango salsa for the sweet potatoes.

Odd looking game on Christmas night.

I'm heading on a trip to New York to visit my dearest of many dear friends, Mel, for a week or so. There may be a guest blogger or two, I may check in myself. I may leave you all in the dust until I have nothing better to do. You'll just have to wait and see I suppose. Updates and pics shall follow.

I'm sorry that I haven't been and won't be round to visit many blog friends in the near future. I know you've been sitting around just pining for my return. It'll come, it'll come. My goodness, don't smother me! :)


  1. I tend to be an apologetic gifter at times....have fun on your New York trip..

    a pining blog

  2. My family does the same thing. Oh the joy of Christmas apologetic giving!


  3. So true- Bing Crosby is a necessity for a happy Christmas. White Christmas is at the top of my list for favorite Christmas movies. It is closely followed (if not tied with) Holiday Inn. Love me some Bing!

  4. oh so jealous of your trip to NYC! Have a great time and don't worry about us - we'll venture on without you!

  5. What game was that? It looks like a lot of fun. Have fun in NY!!

  6. Pretty dinner! Have fun in New York!

  7. My family and I are the same way. We are hardcore apologetic gifters. :-)

  8. Your Christmas looks awesome! :D Happy New Year!

  9. hi dani.. happy new year.. check my blog.. you've won an award..
    keep blogging.. looking forward to more blogs from in 2011.

  10. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Have fun in New York..I am jealous! and of course.. Happy New year!

  11. The 26th is a holiday in Canada and the UK. So I had a sweet holiday that follows Christmas holiday... haha.... but I mostly did nothing. Except that I preached. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I hope New York was wicked too!