Monday, December 20, 2010

Not even trying for the two-month resolution

I've recently been reading about everyone's New Year's Resolutions on their blogs. They look quite impressive, chickadees, almost enough to knock my self-esteem down a peg. But actually I'm still feeling pretty good, because to be honest, I really don't believe you.

Tough love up in this house.

I don't think I'm the only one who has broken-new-years-resolution syndrome. And also, I'm just more focused right now on getting over my chronic never-get-done-what-you-resolved-to-during-break syndrome. I think every year I make pie in the sky resolutions about how much I'm going to get done during winter break, but don't do most of it.

But I've decided that this year will be different. No resolutions. (That sounds suspiciously like a resolution, Dani.) I'm just going to try to enjoy being home, not watch too much TV, try to do useful things, and not put too much pressure on myself. That sounds pretty good, huh?

And to kick it off, last night I made the above collage full of pictures and sayings (cut from the Mary Engelbreit calendar I get every year) I thought might be encouraging while I'm home for these two months.

And now, in that spirit, I'm going to go finish cleaning my room and listening to the Intro to Religion lectures I downloaded off iTunes U.

Happy Monday!

I think if you click the top photo you might be able to see some of the pieces more clearly. I've really got to stop this adding on of messages after the initial message. Just say what you have to say all at once and get it over with Dani!


  1. Dani!!! I get the same calendars and have tried to figure out how to use them! Yay! I want to draw like she does...and think like she does...and live like she does!

    I think you are right about resolutions...
    but they are a tradition so I'll keep making 'em 'til I get 'em right!

    I like your new banner!

  2. I've promised the same thing to resolutions this time....

  3. The whole no resolutions for the new years actually may be a good idea. I mean honestly, who keeps theirs anyways! Love the collage!

  4. I love the idea of no set resolutions. All it does is make us feel so pressured that we get burnt out and don't want to do anything! And love the collage!

  5. Bonnie: I know, she's fantastic! And yes, the calendar in fantastic for collages. Especially when you have 365 pics to chose from (or more, in my case, cause I've been accruing them) you can pick themes or colors or whatever. I make them for friends ocassionally too!

    Cat: Us against a world of unkept resolutions!

    Caroline and Christine: Exactly! Honesty with ourselves and no pressure.