Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The art of an intercultural art class

Today was the last day I actually had to go to the university for a class! Yeah, I'm still gonna call it a class, even though my pumpkin whoopie pies only took up a small corner of the food table. Yup, food table. I think the janitors really appreciated our class today.

I have mixed feelings about the end of most of those classes. I've learned quite a bit in them, after all. (You have mixed feelings Dani? Never.) But honestly, there was one class that I could not wait to get my butt out of. And it wasn't one of the ones for which I did tons of research or burned the midnight oil....

It was art. And an entry level art class at that.

But before you judge me an uncultured art-hater, let me explain. It wasn't the creation of the art specifically that I disliked. It was professor. And I feel horrible saying it, because I think she's probably quite a nice lady.

But interacting well with people who don't speak your language easily, or don't always understand you the first time, is difficult. I've only met a few people who really excel at it, and I've met a whole lot who really suck at it.

This professor's solution to the problem was to speak to me and, worse, treat me like I was five. I think she was trying to be helpful. She really just had me on the verge of tears more times than I care to admit. In a class where we made collages, for goodness sake! Not my finest moments.

But anyway, the bad interactions at least teach me how not to speak to my own English students, I hope.

Well, onward and upward.

It says that because my class was on Tuesday. But wouldn't "martes" be a cool last name?

The little photo shoot we did on the last day. Two minute photography unit?


  1. You! uncultured? I told you to watch "Airplane" but no that was beneath you. So now live the the "uncultured" label until you can get home to see "Jackass".

  2. Darn those art class teachers! Well, at least you came away with something positive - how not to do something is something! Not good to be so sad in art...

    Thanks for following my blog, Dani!

  3. Dad: When did you tell me to watch airplane? I believe Mom has always advised against that.

    Bonnie: True. And I normally love art classes!

  4. hello there!

    thanks for visiting my blog. you're welcome there any time.

    btw, u seem like a very adventurous person. i'm lovin it! I've always wanted to travel to all sorts of places around the world.

    I've yet to do so. Anyway, keep blogging. I can't wait to see what u've installed. =)

    Be blessed.