Thursday, December 2, 2010

A scary story: You're Not Alone

Relive with me a rather frightening journey I took the other night...

Ah, crap. Shouldn't have had that third glass of water. Off to the water closet with you then. That's a good name, we should use that more I think. Water closet...water they use that in Europe?
I think it's down this way.

Ooo, isn't that nice? I wonder why they put it here? Silly string art doesn't the match decor, possibly.

Kinda dungeon-looking down here. Maybe there's some secret passage or something.

Wow..bathroom is high class...i hope that means there's soap....and paper towels and toilet seats and....

YEEPS! Ooookay...didn't see that coming. Are those a woman's hands? With SLITS in them? Creeeeepy.

WOAH! Okay, you're in here too. Ahem..hi there...I'm just gonna...could you maybe just cover your..?...but I guess the hands over eyes wasn't working for you before.

I feel the need to do minimal undressing in here. The dress was a good move.


  1. This is funny, and original. It was fun going to the bathroom with you. :)

  2. I love high class toilets! Nice!

  3. great - love your trip to the water closet! Nice looking guy - just the wrong place!

    Very it!

  4. But was it CLEAN and with TOILET PAPER?!

    By the way-->

  5. Weeeird link. I don't get the point of the heads though.

    And yeah. It was a fancy restaurant where they took us for the despedida. I'm guessing we were paying well close to 100 soles a head, so they better have. And not every place has crappy toilets. Do they in Quito?

  6. hi there.
    thanks for popping by, i liked your comment =)
    and no, i didnt actually make my blog black for electricity reasons. i just liked the simplicity of black, and i just love black in general, soooo i chose that color =)
    i like your blog.. its pretty interesting.
    may i ask how you happened to stumble upon my blog?

  7. Thanks for coming a sweet pea! Umm..I think it was because you were following several of the same blogs as I was and had left a couple comments. :)