Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Braving murderers in the shower for dear Sherlock

Late last night I watched one episode of BBC's new series of Sherlock Holmes. And first let me say, I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan, so a 21st century version of this classic sounded a little dangerous. But I think my skepticism proved unwarranted in the end. They captured the essence of the characters beautifully and wrote excellent new stories that fit the bill as far as cleverness and suspense are concerned. Go here to watch them online if ya fancy. (They won't mind that I stole their image if I plug their show, right?)

But something else you should know about me: I don't do scary movies. I don't do anything that even hints at scary. I occasionally leave the room when the previews for scary movies come on. My good friends could tell you. Don't try to convince me to bend the no scary movies rule.

Even the Sherlock Holmes episode I watched last night, not intended to be "scary" really, just suspenseful, was pushing it.

I had already stayed up until about 1 o'clock to watch it, at the beginning fooling myself that I was going to watch only a part and then off to bed. But then afterwards I needed a whole other hour to get myself out of murder mystery mode to go to sleep. Do you get that way?

This is basically how my paranoid thoughts went: I hear a noise in the kitchen, someone's in the house! Oh Lord save me, what if he comes in here? Blunt objects, blunt objects...or maybe better to play asleep? Oh, they're going upstairs. Must have been Mom or Dad. I have to brush my teeth, just don't look into the dark kitchen as I pass. Oh dear the bathtub curtain's half pulled! Could I see if someone were in there? Better pull that back. Whew, no one. Now for the teeth. Oh my gosh, this feels so normal... murder victims are always doing normal things before someone jumps out and slashes their throat!

I hear people enjoy being scared, but I just don't get it.

And finally, I could have sworn that Sherlock was the boss from Ugly Betty, actor Eric Mabius. I was rather proud of myself for remembering it, actually, but it turned out to be someone completely different, Benedict Cumberbatch. (Can you beat that name? Or imagine a little kid learning to spell it?)

(left)Benedict (right) Eric. My mom thinks I'm crazy. Back me up on this one.

My beautiful old copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Read it.
I mean, not this one specifically, just the stories. Any copy will do.


  1. I thought it was good also...I'm with you on the scary movies part. I turn my head and then end up going to do other things while my hubby is engrossed to the end. Yuck! The worst for me is when I'm engrossed in my computer screen at night facing the dark outside and with the cold something cracks like the deck or something. I pretty much jump outta my skin!!!

    Going to make Krumkake cookies for Christmas!

    Happy Holidays, Dani!

  2. I'm completely with you on the scary movies thing - why would people enjoy being terrified? I just don't get it. Loved Sherlock too.

  3. I watched the first episode of it but then it wasn't on TV anymore, which was sad, I'm usually not into crime shows but I found the modern-day version of Sherlock interesting although I was kind of reading while it was on...
    And I'm also kind of like that after watching something scary/relatively scary. Hint: dont watch Doctor Who if you freaked out about what's behind you...

  4. OMG....U just described how I feel about scary movies....I try and avoid them...and the "wonder what's that noise" part...that's me alright on days I'm alone at home...

  5. I read the child's version of Hound of the Baskervilles and LOVED it. Now I'm desperately trying to find any and all copies I can of the eccentric detective, although I cannot read it before bed or I lose out on sleep, sometimes from not being able to put the book down but mostly from fear the a hellhound is going to get me. xxxx

  6. i ve been an avid sherlock fan since... quite a long time..
    but when you watch something which you have read, it can be disappointing as i discovered when i watched the sherlock which was coming in fox and also the movie released last year. so i m scared to watch this one.

  7. Bonnie: Send me some krumkake cookies! And Happy Holidays to you too.

    Sharon: One of life's greatest mysteries.

    Be: Doctor Who? I've hear about it but it sounded like a slightly silly rather than scary show.

    Cat: We should form a "come here when you're home alone" forum on the internet. :)

    Stocker: You can't read just one!

    RB: I liked the movie last year too....so you shouldn't take my opinion on it.

  8. Sadness! I love scary movies! Most of my friends don't though, and I'm rarely brave enough to watch them alone, unless it's daytime maybe. I do have a slight mirror phobia though. Have you noticed that the ghosts always show up in mirrors?