Monday, December 6, 2010

Swimming pools and movie stars

So it turns out that I live only a couple of blocks from the travel agency where Zac Efron works. Who knew?

What do you think? Attempt at subliminal advertising? Blatant face-dropping? Should I call Zac's publicist?

And hey kiddos, in case you don't read the comments below, Sensible Footwear just pointed out to me that we also have a Pussy Cat Doll on the left there. I think I didn't recognize her at first because of all those clothing she has on.


  1. And it looks like one of the Pussycat Dolls is also part of the crew - on the left! Great pic.

  2. O my gosh Lucy! You're so right! I'm obviously a big Pussy Cat Dolls fan. Is the other chick anyone?

  3. I don't know - I can't place her. She might be authentic!

  4. I think you're right. The lighting on her face looks natural. Must add this detail in, with due credit of course!

  5. There was an ice cream place in Quito that used the Rolling Stones's logo.... licking ice cream. It was unsettling.

    I think chick #3 is natural, too.

  6. hahahaha I just saw this. I LOVE THIS POST!!!

    OMG I didn't know it was her until u told me as well!!

    what an odd world we live in. or YOU, in this case. =p