Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like a heavyweight champion, or....something

I love how everyone else right now has pictures of beautiful Christmas decorations, and I'm once again like, "Look at my messy room!" And introducing my beautiful 80s burnt orange carpet.

Man, ducklings, my cup overfloweth!

Actually, that probably wasn't the correct usage of that phrase, since I'm really going to talk about the things I have to do instead of my blessings. Not that I don't have blessings, I have tons. I just don't want to talk about them. I mean, it's good to talk about blessings and everything, just not terribly interesting. Yeah, you're right. Stopping.

Also, I very much welcome female ducklings as well.

Why don't I just give you a list? I'm pretty good with lists.

Things I have to do:

-practice that song for church I've irresponsibly neglected. it's kinda dull. sshhhh.

-finish unpacking that suitcase above which has sat open on my floor since I arrived (days ago)

-write the essay for my Peruvian Social Reality class for which I interviewed a Hasidic rabbi (weeks ago)

-file those insurance papers for camera and cell phone which were stolen (months ago)

Things I want to do:

-read the books I got from the library yesterday. Are you shocked that I've never before read a whole Virginia Woolf novel?

-learn how to make Pisco sours. National booze of Peru. Or is that Chile? Let's all settle this over a nice Pisco sour.

-learn how to make oboe reeds without a teacher. Is there an app for that? Just kidding of course. I'm way too cheap to have a phone that can download apps.

So anyway, that's what I'm up to...and I've made a firm resolution not to spend much time on the internet/TV today. I'm not even going to make a sarcastic comment about that, because I'm getting in the mindset where I know I can do it. Si se puede. As if I'm a boxer before the big match.

There has gotta be a better metaphor here. Suggestions?

Also, I'm playing around with the design. It's not there yet. Be patient.


  1. Do you play the oboe?? You're the only other person I've met that has played the oboe.

    I don't play anymore (fortunately for the rest of humanities' sake) and haven't for numerous years, but the other day I pulled the instrument out of the closet and gave it the old college try... and I nearly gave myself an aneurism trying to get some sort of noise out of the thing. I got all red and out of breath and the little vein stood out in my forehead. I thought I was going to have a stroke.

    No wonder my abs were so flat back then. Playing the oboe will give you abs of granite.

  2. I do indeed! If you can call it that after 2 years of not being in any group of any sort and only playing it on rare occasions at home when the mood strikes me.

    It is difficult to just pick right back up! But of course last summer I had to play and was despairing over how difficult it had become until I switched out the reed. Which was apparently the problem. They're tricky little buggers.

  3. Your picture reminds me of what my room has looked like for the past couple of weeks! I spent half the afternoon picking it up today and am pleased to say that I can see the floor now (a rather ugly burgundy carpet)! Now if only I could keep my room clean for more than a day....

  4. I hope you have been able to scratch items off both your lists...

  5. I cannot keep my room clean for the life of me. Terrible habit, but I know where everything is, and that's what matters! Hah. Are you playing the Oboe for your church?

  6. Naomi: yay for ugly carpets!!

    Cat: I've worked on stratching items off both lists. How's that?

    Trish: I'm singing for church actually, this Sunday. We'll see how that goes...

  7. I take offense to the ugly carpet remark. Your mother and I spent hours searching through truely ugly samples to find that carpet when we were building the house 27 years ago and it is as lovely as the day it was installed.

  8. yay Dad! Fun to read Dani...good luck with the singing - it will be great.

  9. No, your cup runeth over! You can totally use it that way! LOVE your shoes!